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What’s up with Strawberry Jars?

Strawberry jar (via lisa clarke)

You’ll often see strawberries planted in those funny pots with side pockets. In fact, those pots are so closely affiliated with strawberries they’re called strawberry jars. Does that mean these pots are somehow superior? Like, they give strawberry plants some perfect balance of heat and water and, uh, gentle root cradling? Nope. In fact, plenty of people complain that those shallow pockets make the strawberries dry out faster and that the whole trickle-down idea is voodoo watering at best. That said, I like them. Because they’re pretty. And of course there’s much more you can do with them than just plant strawberries. After the jump, I’ve collected a few particularly pretty (and not crazy expensive) strawberry jar specimens. Check them out!

  • Top left: The white ceramic would be so clean and pretty in a kitchen window. $25 from Wind and Weather (seeds for herbs included).
  • Top right:  This wire pot feels kind of cool and industrial, and apparently soil doesn’t slip right through the cracks — that’s a soil-adherence magic trick I’m eager to see. $9.79 (marked down from $25) at Sur La Table.
  • Bottom left: Traditional-as-can-be terra cotta. Sometimes you just want a classic. Unlike some other traditional takes, this one has a lip on each pocket, which is handy for keeping water and soil where you want them. $65 from White Flower Farm.
  • Bottom right: I love the color options, particularly the blue. Such a soothing and lovely color in a garden. $50 from Simply Planters.

Turns out I’m a sucker for a sale, and the funky Sur La Table one really intrigues me. So I ordered it! I’ll post pictures as soon as it arrives.

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