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Grow Yourself Some Gorgeous Onions

(image) I think onions are the best part of a many a winter meal. Slow cooked and caramelized with a pot roast, all soft and soaked with juices. Crisped over green beans, a crunch of sweet and savor. And then there’s french onion soup, maybe the pinnacle of winter comfort. You can buy bags of [Read more]

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By Charity Shumway |

Your Own Little Pumpkin Patch

(image) I recently attended the Utah State Fair, where I posed for pictures with a six hundred pound pumpkin (I also posed with several goats and some blue ribbon dahlias, as one does). Unfortunately, growing a 600 pound pumpkin on my terrace would violate the terms of my lease. Probably yours too. Fortunately, there are [Read more]

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How to Grow Eggplants

(image) Think of eggplant recipes, and many of the flavors you immediately conjure up are Middle Eastern — the musk of cumin or the silky punch of tahini mixed with melt-in-your-mouth roasted eggplant. There’s a reason for that. Eggplants need a long, warm growing season. They thrived in India and Arabia long before anyone thought to [Read more]

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I’d Like To Talk About Beans

How’s that for a come on? I know, you can barely resist. Beans. They’re so sexy. Just the word “beans” makes me think of bearded guys in overalls sitting around a fire under a viaduct. Or white kids with dreads in the kitchen of a grime and patchouli frosted “co-op.” Or at least that’s what [Read more]