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By Charity Shumway |

A Hot Tip on Amaryllis

Let’s begin with the obvious. Amaryllises are the best Christmas flowers. Don’t even try to argue. Poinsettias? Sure, they’re nice and colorful, but I’ll shoot that one down by pointing out that they’re not even flowers. Those red and white “flowers” are actually bracts — modified leaves. So, bzzz, disqualified. Paperwhites? Obviously, I’m into them. [Read more]

By Charity Shumway |

More Plant Presents! Terrariums

(image via Garden Atlanta) I have come up with the perfect Christmas gift for my husband. (Dear Greg, stop reading this blog post RIGHT NOW). Okay, everyone else, let’s proceed. As I was saying, the perfect gift: A terrarium. Mostly, it’s perfect because I want a terrarium, and we live together, and you can do [Read more]

By Charity Shumway |

The Perfect Hostess Gift: Paperwhites

(image via knitsteel) Long before crocuses emerge from the snow in spring, eons before daffodils show even the slightest signs of life, there’s a magical, marvelous bulb that’s ready to bloom. The paperwhite. Narcissus tazetta. Pretty and little and white, they add such a bright spot of happiness to any windowsill this time of year. Plant them [Read more]

By Nadia Arumugam |

Fabulous French Eggplant Dishtowels

                   I’ve been itching for an opportunity to write about the French table and kitchen linen specialists, Coucke.  Seeing as we’re considering the voluptuous eggplant in the coming week and Coucke has a line of beautiful eggplant inspired dishtowels, well, here’s my chance. The brand has been [Read more]

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