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By Charity Shumway |

How to Grow Cucumbers (in your Apartment)

Nadia wasn’t lying — you really can grow cucumbers on your terrace, balcony, or window box. If you’re really bold, you can even try to grow them fully indoors (more on that shortly). But first you need to know that cucumber plants grow fast, and they grow big. They’re in the cucurbitacea family, the same [Read more]

By Nadia Arumugam |

Two Refreshing Cucumber Recipes: One To Eat, and One to Drink

This week Charity is going to let you into a wonderful secret. Ok, spoiler alert, it involves the ability to grow cucumbers on your terrace, balcony, window box even (you’re right – I have no idea whether you can actually grow them in a window box, but Charity will shortly reveal all!). How thrilling is [Read more]

By Nadia Arumugam |

An Idea for the Weekend: Pick Your Own Asparagus in New Jersey

If you live within reasonable driving distance of Princeton, NJ, and were just contemplating how you might spend the next two glorious days away from the office, well, I have quite the proposition for you. Wake up early, hoist on your gardening shoes and a pair of sturdy shorts, hop in the car, and hot [Read more]