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By Charity Shumway |

Have Tomatoes, Won’t Cook: 2 Quick & Easy No-Cook Recipes

You’ve gone to all that trouble to raise and nurture your own tomatoes, and you did a fabulous job. You instilled the fullest flavor, bright color and a deeply gratifying aroma. You’re a great parent. So of course you’re not going to throw all that hard work down the drain and cook your tomatoes to [Read more]

By Charity Shumway |

How to Grow Tomatoes: Can I Get Some Support, Please?

(image) A single tomato plant can produce up to fifteen pounds of tomatoes. Fifteen pounds!  In my experience, I have also found that a single tomato plant, whatever poundage it produces, can make you very, very happy. Watching even a handful of tomatoes go from green to yellow to orange to RED RED RED makes [Read more]

By Nadia Arumugam |

Summer Respite With Chilled Pea and Asparagus Soup

If there was a dish that epitomized the taste of the advent of summer, this one beats off most of the competition. I’d even go so far as to say that this cold pea and asparagus soup might be the outright title-holder. Emerald-colored tender peas, and coquettish, purple-tipped asparagus are the best of pals, combining [Read more]

By Charity Shumway |

How to Grow Peas: You Have to Start Early

(image: via EvelynGiggles) Confession: I have no peas on my terrace this year. But that’s crazy because I love peas! Especially sugar snap peas where you can pop the whole pod in your mouth when you get tired of shelling. So what gives? The answer is that I meant to plant them, and then I [Read more]