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By Charity Shumway |

What’s up with Strawberry Jars?

Strawberry jar (via lisa clarke) You’ll often see strawberries planted in those funny pots with side pockets. In fact, those pots are so closely affiliated with strawberries they’re called strawberry jars. Does that mean these pots are somehow superior? Like, they give strawberry plants some perfect balance of heat and water and, uh, gentle root [Read more]

By Charity Shumway |

This Week in the Garden

It’s been a long while since we checked in on my garden, and I have lots of pretty pictures I’d like to show you (including those adorable sweet peas above). Considering it’s Friday afternoon, indulge me in a little tour of the terrace. Let’s start the parade with some grapes. I planted them last year, [Read more]

By Charity Shumway |

7 Pretty Ways to Grow Basil

So far, I’m a bit of a boring purist when it comes to herbs. Basil gets its own pot. Rosemary gets its own pot. You get the idea. But herbs (including easy-to-grow basil) can be gorgeous in showy, composed window boxes and containers. After the jump, I’ve pulled together seven of my favorite basil garden [Read more]

By Nadia Arumugam |

Pork Loin + Cherries + Basil = Yumminess. Who Knew?

Fiery Pork Cutlets with Basil and Cherry Salsa This recipe is ideal for a light summer dinner. Or, if you’re like me and you enjoy a proper lunch even if it is a Wednesday afternoon, it’s also perfectly suited for lunch, Monday through to Sunday. The spice in the pork is perfectly offset by the [Read more]