By Charity Shumway |

The Spring Garden: Progress in Action

Oh, what spring has wrought.

Weeks ago, the peonies emerged from the soil like little pink lobster claws.

And then they grew into feathery red bouquets.

And now, the leaves are big and green, and the buds are almost ready to burst open into those showiest of showy blooms.

Weeks ago, the grapevines were bare, and then at last, the sweetest pink-rimmed leaves unfurled.

And now, those prettiest of heart-shaped leaves are growing into large pink and green Valentines.

Not so long ago, the lilacs were closed in tight little buds, like dessicated raspberries.

Now, they’re full and open, pastel clouds of sweetest spring perfume.

In windswept March, the peas were shivering and bare.

Now, they’re green, rooted, and climbing skyward.

┬áIs there anything sweeter than the progress of spring? I really, truly don’t think so.