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Simple and Summery Herbal Arrangements

A few flowers on the table are always pretty, but if summer heat has zapped your garden like it’s zapped mine, flowers may be in short supply. Herbs to save the day! A few sprigs of mint, thyme, and basil are as pretty on the table as anything. And who says you have to draw the line at herbal arrangements for the table? See that mint boutonniere? I bet that groom smelled great!

One more plus of herb bouquets: if you haven’t been cutting your mint or basil and they’ve gone to flower, they might not taste so great anymore, but the flowers make them even prettier in arrangements.

Sources for all the images after the jump.

  1. Boutonniere via Stephanie Williams Photography via Inspired By This
  2. Anise basil flowers with carrot leaves via White on Rice Couple
  3. Casual herb assemblage via Midwest Vegetarian
  4. Tied herb bouquets via Country Living 
  5. Wispy dill and mint via Sarah Gilbert via Herb Companion
  6. Flowering basil in a watering can via BHG
  7. Simple herb trio via Domestic Daddy
  8. Chive flowers and mint with a pink bow via The Natural Wedding Company
I think I may make my husband wear a mint boutonniere at our next dinner party. Too much?
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  1. planetoftheherbs | November 28th, 2011

    Making boutonniere and a bouquet of herbs is a very nice and unique concept.
    You have proved that herbs can also be used for other purposes like this :)