By Charity Shumway |

Elevate Your Arrangements with Aqua Vases

While looking at all those pretty pictures of sweet peas, I really fell for the pale green vases in a couple of the photos. Something about that aqua color really makes the flowers sing. So of course I spent the morning tracking down similar vases on Etsy. Here are eight real beauties. I hope for the sake of my wallet that you beat me to them.

Photos above the jump.

  • Top left: $65, jadeitekate. The fan gives trailing flowers like sweet peas a chance to spread out and strut their stuff, and the dainty daisy design makes the vase a treat to look at, even without flowers.
  • Top right: $58, vintagecourt18. This art deco beauty is 9 inches tall, so bigger than you might think from the photo. I love how it looks like your flowers won a trophy.
  • Bottom left: $7, Fog Bank. This little darling is a steal. It really wants to live on my night stand.
  • Bottom right: $28, lisabretrostyle2. Just perfect for a sweet spot beside the kitchen sink, this cup comes to you straight from the 1940s.

  • Top left: $22, swandarling. I like this green milk glass vase’s decidedly regal flair.
  • Top right: $6, happydayantiques. A darker green than the rest of the bunch, I think these would do great things for flowers, too. ┬áPlus, these two come together for a mere six bucks. Six bucks! The fact that I haven’t bought them yet is making my garage-sale-fiend of a grandmother roll over in her grave.
  • Bottom left: $12.95, practiceintime. The swirl pattern draws your eye right up to the blooms.
  • Bottom right: $15.95, Sweetpearlvintage. This sweetie from the ’60s puts flowers on the pedestal they deserve.